The Extinction Prophecies Vol 2: Descent of the Scarab Prophet

by Sorrowseed

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The second part of Sorrowseed's double disc epic The Extinction Prophecies, Descent of the Scarab Prophet speaks the story of the titular Scarab Prophet.

In the ancient times, one solitary man set forth on a journey to discover the ultimate secrets of the cosmos. To do this, he stepped into the Outer Realm, home of the true gods of our reality. What he saw was too much for his mere mortal form to withstand, and it eventually drove him to sheer madness. Now it is eons later, and the madman of yesteryear has returned to the Earthly plane to inform modern humanity of the true terrors of the universe just in time for the arrival of the Old Ones themselves.


released March 18, 2011

Sorrowseed is:

Morte McAdaver
Lilith Astaroth
Prometheus B. Subrick

All songs written by Morte McAdaver.

Lead vocals performed by Lilith Astaroth (The Scarab Prophet).

Enochian speech recited by Chris Adamcek.

All guitars performed by Morte McAdaver.

All bass performed by Pete Gelles and Benjamin Jon.

Additional bass guitar performed by Benjamin Jon.

All keyboards written and performed by The Phantom Cyr (Thomas Cyranowski) and Morte McAdaver.

Solos on The Litany performed by Morte McAdaver and Chris Adamcek.

Solos on Eldritch Hunger, Obelisk, The Golden Plague, and Astral Harvest by Chris Adamcek.

All drums performed by Wesley Bourque, except War to Feed the Ancients, Dispelling the Sacred Seal, and Circle of False Gods performed by Justin Camp.

Cover artwork by Brett MacDonald.

Additional artwork by Hillarie Jason.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Stillwork Studio in Holyoke, Massachusetts by Benjamin Jon.



all rights reserved


Sorrowseed Boston, Massachusetts

Sorrowseed is a melodic extreme metal manifestation of twisted prophecies that once tormented the minds of Morte McAdaver and Thomas Cyranowski. Now the Extinction Prophecies are unleashed to wreak cacophonous havoc upon the ears of the masses.

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Track Name: Intoning the Old Ones
Track Name: The Litany
Once among the mortal men
Now I traverse the realms beyond
The material plane is but a crossroads
The epicenter of a temporal abyss.

Anchored by the webs of stasis
Made brittle through the ignorant years
At long last, I find passage
To elucidate with chaos and fear.

Once among the mortals, I elected to ascend
To seek the truth and the answers
At whatever the cost or end

Now, beyond all sanity, I’ve come to realize
That the aegis of morality
Is just a seal of lies.

Once abjured by the Great Ones, imprisoned and obscured
Now driven by an eldritch hunger
No longer interred…

There is no natural cycle; no afterlife awaits
The universe is ruled by mindless gods
And you shall see them… when we emerge from the gates
Track Name: Eldritch Hunger
Born from the ancient void
Spiritual Dementia
Called by congregation
Blinded by faith.

Reverence and destruction
Strife and mass production
Bred for mass consumption
The perfect race…

We are the ones to whom you have pledged yourselves
Devotion to satiate an Eldritch Hunger!
Prophecies foretell of the poison in the wishing well
We manifest to rend the future asunder…
(Born into flesh at last – The feast is at hand!)

Oh…and still they come
Seeking answers to their fate
At the mercy of the Circle…
Hopeless…and still they come
Laying down their lives
Willing to fight for nothing!

Incursion… this world shall tremble and fall
Just as all of the others before…
I speak for the myriad maws and the flesh of the gods.

Behold! Oblivion unfolds
The howling throat of the vortex
Brings the end to this ignorant age
This is your fate.
Track Name: War to Feed the Ancients
Millenia of systematic slaughter
Bodies populating the outer crust of the scorched earth
Cremation crusades sprayed ashes unto the water
Tormented soldiers dread rebirth.

Deliverance is a fragile dream
The comfort of a fool
Behemoths pull the war machines
Lit by a molten core
The mortal man is cruel
With merciless designs for nevermore
A self-contained genocide
To condemn the slain to the other side…

Cosmic eyes watch with eternal patience
The war to feed the ancients.

The illusion of peace prevails
A mask of sanity for a dying species
Artillery fire rips through the veil
Serrated blades draw blood to rid the disease.

With each mortal shell that crumbles away
One more soul is released
Uncounted scores of fallen prey
Languish at the gates of oblivion
Outer gods and their servitors
Prepare for a stygian feast
The festering fabric of reality will split with a gaping incision.
Track Name: Forgotten Depths
Track Name: Obelisk
I beckon to the souls of the desperate
Gather your energies within the forgotten depths
In the catacombs beneath unhallowed ground
The Faceless shall now look upon you
And none shall hinder your descent
To the buried temple of the Old Gods, waiting to be found.

Glimpse beyond the limited mortal perceptions…
To the nightmare that encircles the blind senses
Unfathomed, the chaos of Astral conception
As one we shatter the Elder Sign’s defenses.

Transmutation of reality in purest form…
Whispers of madness undulate and resound from the Obelisk…

Pantheons have fallen to appease this hunger
So too must worlds fall as well
Renounce your beliefs in the Great Ones at last…
The Nameless shall now be exhorted
And none shall prevent their ascent
To pick apart mankind in grisly repast.
Track Name: The Golden Plague
It is a merciful blight to bring about their end
For even vermin would not envy the world they have designed
A Golden Age where men have become as herd beasts
Festering meat bound in madness, side by side.

Ignorance prevails, and they breed like insects
A virus infecting the world
Civilization spawned species of glutton
Alone and weak, they pray…

The Golden Plague of mankind
Has stood firm for too long
Their gods have fallen,
And Oblivion shall swallow them whole in time…
(The time is now
and the astral storm hungers for flesh…)

Wasteland…scavenging souls
We bring the cleansing pestilence
They cower in terror beneath darkened skies
As we converge upon our prey…

Track Name: Dispelling the Sacred Seal
Track Name: Circle of False Gods
[Part 1: The Endless Circle]

You truly have no purpose to question why
As frail truth breeds only slaves to a lie
Falsehood stitched to a shroud of deception
Daily masses molding nightmarish conceptions
Creation is as constant as stagnation and decay
Celestial rape breeds new horrors every day.
You self-sustaining hordes of meat
Pave and bathe in deceit and defeat.

It seems your mortal eyes failed to realize…
We are no more alive than the sands of time –
The Circle of False Gods.

Dead God-flesh obscures the future
Warming the secret dreams of nascent abominations

You cannot comprehend the depths of our creation
This day marks the age of your own extermination
Supernal and fetid we appear in your eyes
Our hunger shall arise with your nightmares’ reprise
A cynical age to cast away vestigial faiths
Madmen call to darkness, their will to desecrate
In this Feast we will see to your subjugation
We lick your bones clean and leave the lands in desolation.

[Part II: The Prophecy Unveiled]

We bring the oppression of ash and steel
Sandstorms and pestilence revealed;
The path of sorrows blazed in fear
Clairvoyance! Unveil the End Times!
I am the Scarab Prophet
Herald of cosmic eyes
From far beyond this seal of lies
The Old Ones shall arise!

Even the strongest of men plead to the skies;
This earth will be forgotten in the sands of time.

And with strange eons, even death may die
All shall bear witness to the truth of the divine.

Mortals flee in terror as elder gods encroach;
Monsters such as these were never meant to be seen.

Frail, fragile mortals would do well to flee.
Now unveiled; the darkest of prophecies.

As shockwaves ravage the crust of the earth
The subterranean horrors rise
Forgotten citadels emerge amongst the raging waves…

As cities burn, engulfed by a star of solar flame
A living pyre dances upon the charred and scattered corpses…

Now the path is clear to dreamscapes and from far beyond the stars
The cataclysmic rift gives way and the Astral Harvest can at long last begin.
Track Name: The Astral Harvest
Astral servitors drone
Upon horns and pipes in sonorous monotone
To announce the Old Ones’ arrival
As the portal yawns from the bowels of the void

Screaming from the gulfs of the nether
Vast energies from beyond the stars gather…
The Outer Gods spill forth into this earthly domain
Conjured by rites of the insane.

Know that existence is without meaning
Eons I have spent alone, seething
Cursed by the knowledge I once sought
To see what the False Gods have wrought…

[Part II: The Path of Annihilation]

Cataclysmic feeding frenzy
Cities fall to this voracity

The elements are pushed beyond the threshold
Altered by dimensions of horrors untold

The path of annihilation is blazed
The world frozen in terror beneath an odious gaze
Al hope has been consumed
All that once was will soon meet its final doom.

[Part III: Supplicants and the Final Conjuration]

Apostles of a depraved faith
Acolytes gather to prepare
Initiates revel in a sacrificial fate
Let no soul be spared.

Blasphemous rites in the temple
Blood stains the stone
Intoned by desperate fanatics
Speaking the forbidden litany…

These are the incantations
The world hoped never to hear
The Chilling revelations
The Conjuration of a new Pantheon

The harbinger of ruin
The Goat with a Thousand Young
Supplication to the obscene truth within
Reality comes undone.

Let it be done!

[Part IV: Whispers from Beyond (instrumental)]

[Part V: Prelude to Oblivion]

The Dream Quest is over
It has come full circle at last
I have danced the wretched spiral
And all perils, I have surpassed

The knowledge that I have gained
Is a burden I yearn to discard
Only visions of madness have filled my mind
An ever-deepening scar

Thus, these portents have come to pass
And I watch this world fall to the Astral Harvest
Heed these words as I fade into the ether
As oblivion draws nearer…

Seek not the truth of this terrible universe…
Lest your fragile minds collapse
In the eyes of the Outer Gods…
…we are nothing at all.