Nemesis Engine

by Sorrowseed

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The second full length record from New England's premiere extreme metal band Sorrowseed, Nemesis Engine tells the tale of the Lich Queen and her unending desire to conquer humanity and, thusly, the world at large. With an arsenal of undead creatures and weapons at her disposal, nothing will stand between her and her ultimate destiny.

Morte McAdaver would like to thank the following:

My mother (Natalie Raymond), my wives and lovers, my fellow musicians who put up with me, Death, D&D, the bands with whom we’ve played, and all the people who actually stuck around to hear us play and/or gave us your hard-earned money. Most of all, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to anyone currently enjoying this album. It is a privilege to bring this necrotic, musical miscreation to your ears.

Lilith Astaroth Thanks the following:

Everyone I’ve already thanked in the first album (if you don’t see your name here and don’t have the first album, get it.) My bandmates and brothers. Alfred, the very best minion a supervillain could ever want. My family and friends (my rather large extended family..) My Reiki family. My MASSCANN family. My latex family. My metal brothers and sisters. New and amazing people who have entered my life since The Extinction Prophecies: Steve, Eric, Joe/Vocal, Justin Marcotte, The Harts, Aaron Lotus, James Dattolo.

Special Thanks to Michael Malta, “KOP” - the King of Pot - for being a life-changing influence on me. May you rest well in Paradise.

Prometheus B. Subrick would like to thank the following:

As with any artistic creation, it’s difficult to thank everyone that had a hand in getting you this far, so here’s the shortlist: Thank you to Josh Carrig, without whom I would not be in music, Lilith Astaroth, Rob Broderick, Shadow Khayoss, Thomas Cyranowski, our live crew of Eric and Pooch, Clay Neely, Doyle and JT from Dethlehem for being such big supporters of both us as a whole and myself, all the awesome drummers I’ve met and contacted through Derek Roddy’s various online endeavors (including Derek himself), and lastly my metal buds Brannen, Cole Jacobsen, and Michael Arcane. It’s been a pleasure servicing your ears in such a depraved manner.

Sorrowseed Thanks:

Eric Pellegrini, Chris Adamcek, Aleigha and Ron Evens, Stake Airbrushing, Vengeance Designs, MyKill Vittoria, Justin Sane, Dave Choquette, Kev Cool, Clay Neely, Dan Malloy, and all of the many bands we’ve worked and played with. We also want to thank everyone for the ongoing support we have received across the globe.


released October 31, 2013

Sorrowseed is:

Morte McAdaver
Lilith Astaroth
Prometheus B. Subrick

All songs written by Morte McAdaver (Joshua Carrig); tracks 4 and 5 co-written by Morte McAdaver and Prometheus B. Subrick (Rick Lowell)

All lyrics written by Morte McAdaver except for “Nemesis Engine” and “Divine Submission”, written by Lilith Astaroth.

Lead vocals performed by Lilith Astaroth (The Lich Queen)

Mummified choir on Scourge of the Hierophant consists of Morte McAdaver, The Phantom Cyr (Thomas Cyranowski), and Prometheus B. Subrick

All guitars performed by Morte McAdaver

Bass on “Scourge of the Hierophant” written and performed by Defiler Thane (Rob Broderick)

All keyboards written and performed by Morte McAdaver, except for “Arcana of the Lich Queen” which were written and performed by The Phantom Cyr

Guitar solos on Arcana (of the Lich Queen), Scourge of the Hierophant, and Artillery Ghosts written and performed by Chris Adamcek

Guitar solo on The Apostle Thrall and Nemesis Engine performed by Morte McAdaver

Guitar solos on Corpse Colossus performed by Eric Pellegrini and Funeris (Sin Origin)

Guitar solos on Necropolis March performed by Morte McAdaver and Eric Pellegrini

Guitar solo on The Sepulcher Legionnaires performed by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden

All drums written and performed by Prometheus B. Subrick

Artwork by Doyle Daigle II

Recorded by Clay Neely at Black Coffee Sound in Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Vocals recorded and mixed & mastered by Dan Malloy at Vipen Studios in Mastic, New York

Bass on “Scourge of the Hierophant” recorded at Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, Connecticut



all rights reserved


Sorrowseed Boston, Massachusetts

Sorrowseed is a melodic extreme metal manifestation of twisted prophecies that once tormented the minds of Morte McAdaver and Thomas Cyranowski. Now the Extinction Prophecies are unleashed to wreak cacophonous havoc upon the ears of the masses.

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Track Name: Phylactery
Track Name: Arcana (of the Lich Queen)
By the blackened dawn of balefire
The imperial necropolis tower
Guarded by ancient wraiths and specters;
Infused, I focus my power.
The chemistries of eternal flesh
Dark runes etched upon the bones
Mortality shed as vestigial skin
I have forged my own fate and throne.

Rise, and serve your Queen!
Cast minds aside, and lend might to the machine
The arcane promise of potence
Let the stygian assembly commence.

The destiny of my forbears
Those born of charnel bloodlines
To craft the plagues of death and conquest...
The privilege is mine.

I have heard the call of the arcana
Forbidden by cowards and the weak
Dread visions have led me through catacombs
To master the deathless technique
My flesh despoiled and armored
Tattered tendrils and wires, my raiments
The apocalypse at my fingertips
I set forth to make my ascent.

Rise and serve your Queen!
Cast freedom aside and lend might to the machine
The arcane visions of warfare
The Lich Queen's doctrine declared.

Seize the knowledge of artifice and sorcery
Carve the pathway to progress in plagues
Ignite siege engines with blood and alchemy
Crush souls upon the anvils; prepare to invade!
Track Name: Nemesis Engine
Feeding the machine
Driven by morbid avarice
(Your) weakness and fear
Replaced with valor for your Queen

It is with pleasure I extract your beating heart
Your cowardice proves your inadequacy!
I consume your young and supple flesh
And your weak mind
Your pleads of mercy echo through my courtyard

Your pathetic soul
Joins the rest of my army!

Feed the nemesis engine
Your fragile minds replaced
With steel and fire
Weak and useless forms have been repurposed
The world has fallen to my power

In this plane of nightmare
Your eternity is mine to decide
Now, meet your gruesome fate!
Incineration as the cleansing process
This hungry earth engulfs you whole

Invictus; unconquered
Unmatched in sovereignty

Fueling the Nemesis Engine
Your obsolete minds
Replaced with steel and fire
Weak and useless forms have been repurposed
The world has fallen to my power
Track Name: The Sepulcher Legionnaires
Thanatotic designs upon the blacksmith’s altar
Enhanced implements of annihilation; fallen infantry equipped for war.

Behold: the Sepulcher Legionnaires! The frontline corps; the vile vanguard
Baneful eyes gleam in the darkness to hunt the living, mortal dissidents
Regiments crawl forth from the crypts to be recruited from near and far
Rituals of strength and binding cast upon their armaments

No mercy, no rest for superior soldiers
Desolation follows where they tread.
Dispatched to march against the world
These are the tactics of the dead.

Necromantic refineries produce the weaponry
Golems work the ebony ingots to carry out the killing decree.

Tremble before the Legionnaires – compelled to ravage and slay
Cannons fire upon the walls of the weak, dismal nations
To ensure their allegiance, they must perish and be made to obey
Through military might, the foundation is set for advanced creations.
Track Name: Scourge of the Hierophant
The kings of the sands spat a curse upon this land
Divinity did revile their deeds
A pox of stone to all that denied the throne
The gods did call upon the priests to intercede

Met at the gates, they stood to actuate
And quell the chattel poised to rebel
Millions lament at the base of the monuments
Thus did the priests unleash the spell

As serpents feast on scavenging beasts
Awaken the divine constructs of the Architect!
Obsidian guardians bound by mystic rites
Waiting for the sovereigns to resurrect

Heed the call of the ancient lords
Scorched skeletons of the slaves
The scepter and the sword
Unworthy to the sons of the highborn graves;
The filth of the world will be purged by the Hierophant

The blood was strewn and coursed through the spiral runes
Insurgent survivors turned to stone
The king could not see – petrified by the victory
The dire portents still unknown

The Hierophant did warn of the ash and the coming storm
The doom that crept across the dunes
The wrath of the winds bound all in limestone skin
And buried Pharaoh and subjects in a peasant's tomb
Track Name: Divine Submission
Crawl across the floor
Bound by shackles and leather hood
Approach slowly to your goddess,
Seated on her feathered throne

Kneeling at my feet; encased in black sheaths of ecstasy
Fulfill your deepest desire to submit to me

Slave, drone, worm!

You are nothing but scum
A worthless drone - a slave at my disposal
You’re here to be of service, and nothing more
Your soul belongs to me now

Slice your skin with sharpened heel
Blood flows forth to feed my hunger
Your screaming heard throughout my chambers
Your pain is my eternal pleasure

Filth, sloth, dog!

Return now to this steel cage, and take your place with the rest of my minions
Your only purpose here is to please your queen
It’s what you've always wanted in your darkest dreams

Kneeling at my feet; encased in black sheaths of ecstasy
Fulfill your deepest desire to submit to me

Scum, waste, rat!
Track Name: Corpse Colossus
Hear the clarion call to arms
Adorn the greaves of gravestones
The communal barrow grows restless with alarm
The seeds have been sown.

From the soil comes a ponderous pulse
The gangrenous mound of heroes
Mouldered and rancid, the stench to repulse
From the boneyards, the Colossus arose.

The might of a thousand strong
Surging through the brute
The corpus eclipsing the dawn
The Colossus crushes all!

Coalesced in the afterlife
A towering miscreation
Poised to deliver the final smite
The Colossus crushes all!

The ossuaries cannot withstand the weight
Of the fallen that dwell within
Broken vows, betrayal and hate
The valorous battles that could have been.

Such anguish consolidates in time
And grows compliant to arcane command
Thus, one body rises from hallowed grime
To smash the unworthy under cragged hands.

All nations will remember this day of reckoning.
Let all dissidents break beneath the giant’s steps
Once and for all.
Track Name: Stygian Athenaeum
Enter into the forbidden realms of dire enlightenment
The tomes and scrolls sealed away by the ascendant gods
To stand upon the precipice of lore and derangement
Pierce through the barriers to the Athenaeum's facade.

Tendrils of elder monstrosities
Slither throughout this sanctum
Unearthly luminosity
Reveals the secrets beneath the stygian shroud.

Here, I peruse every codex, grimoire, and lexicon
That darkness itself condemned to obscurity
Malignant stars, astral horrors, and abyssal maelstroms
I reap the wisdom to arm against these threats and impurities.

I shall not suffer the visions of demented prophets
No dreaded gods or demons will deter my fate
I will reforge this world as a weapon of grand design
From the Stygian Athenaeum, I stand poised to annihilate.
Track Name: Artillery Ghosts
(The stygian battery is primed to extinguish…)

Artillery contrived through the pulse of the spirits
Claimed within the umbral webs
The coffin shells creep slowly across the battlefields
Bearing the noxious ammunition of incorporeal dead.

The art of virulent ballistics – the unseen hunger of dread phantoms
Eternal nightmares of the unfulfilled now fired in salvos as one.
Repurposed for siege and extinction – apparitions in untold supplies.
They echo the death of centuries as they disperse and bring your demise.

We harvest the wretched wastes of infinite despair
The endless winds of the gray, dismal fields
The eidolons that wander in blind, quivering masses
Ensnared in recruitment to fuel the munitions we wield.

Destruction shall fall upon organic life
To feed the hunger of ravenous, spectral husks
The ordnance pervades through all resistance
Carrion cannons bring lethal release from existence.
Track Name: The Apostle Thrall
Upon the carcass of the old god
We gather where the dread shadows walk.
We distort the wills of weak drones
Cathedrals built from the bones of the flock
Reapers stalk the charnel chantry
Where the wretched pray to the void
The champion’s sunken eyes sewn shut
The Apostle Thrall is deployed.

Bow before the herald of despair
Evangelical deterioration
Follow and submit to the new conviction
Bound forever in eternal salvation.

Believe in the messenger of the blight
This scripture scarred upon the husk
The words speak of cataclysms to come
The extinctions and the storms of dust
The raw power sealed within
The blind eyes of the emissary
Will be released upon the death of centuries
Your subversion is necessary.
Track Name: Necropolis March
Gather in the trenches
Gather, one and all
Gather in the killing fields
To amass and gnaw upon the fortress walls...

Here the flames of carnage burn the weakest of men
The bastards of a world destined to falter and break.
We abolish the blasphemies of feeble flesh
My presence enervates all life within my wake.

Here we lay roots upon these cursed lands
Reclaiming the glory of the necrolords
The threads of fate and domination resonate through me
My soldiers of bone shall march like puppets in hordes.

From Necropolis they march in my name
My empire, my nation, they carry the flame
At my behest, arise the undead and restless
Marching as one...for progress and conquest.

Gather to the ruins
Gather as the nations fall
Gather all the raw remains
To bolster and build the stronghold walls.

Here is where I've watched the mortal queens and kings
Plead before me on bended knees
The decrepit and corrupt that lead the masses of minds
Like parasites they feed, they would defy our disease.

There is no power here but mine, and no bargains to gain
No wealth among thralls that dwell in gibbets of rust
All minions shall be roused by the force of my will
Every corpse called upon the war to do as they must.

Terminals built upon the bulwarks
Massacre intruders to my domain
Zeppelins patrol the skies in prodigious arcs
Across this mausolean terrain.

We dissect the land and its inhabitants in the name of my research
The sciences of arcane mysteries shall be unveiled at last
Thus we shall assail, slay and prevail against the tribes of mankind
And banish memories of freedom and mortality to the past.

I, the sovereign Lich Queen declare this world at war
Come heroes, creatures, and gods - for I am the one to abhor.
My destiny etched in dragons’ bones - who dares to challenge my reign?
I am the scion of life’s bane.